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Old antique vintage barber razors,strops,bottles, advertising,signs,catalogs,supplies and other old collectible shaving memorabilia and barbershop fixtures.

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D'arcy Straight
Razor Sold

Kriss Kross Razor
& Stropper

Lowe Straight
Razor Sold

Razors Strop &
Brush Sold

Clauss Straight
Razor Sold

Crown Cutlery
Razor Sold

Lafayette Engels
Razor Sold

Celluloid Bakelite
Razors Sold

US Cavalry
Razor Strop Sold

Clover Four
Razor Sold

Kinfolks Straight
Razor Sold

Shaving Cup w/
Razor Sold

Razor Stropper In
Leather Case

Spike Union
Cutlery Razor Sold

Razors Sold

Razor Stone
Shaving Kit Sold

German Straight
Razor & Box Sold

Imperial Royal
Gold Razor Sold

Kings Great Rex
Razor Sold

Brush Razor
Assortment Sold

Brush Razor
Assortment Sold

Union Work Straight Razor

German Boker
Straight Razor

Razor Sold

Marine Corp
Razor Sold

Gold Bug
Straight Razor

Shaving Mirror
Stand & Cup Sold

Witte Razor
Strop Sold

Valet Auto Strop
Brass Razor Sold

Valet Auto Strop
Razor Sold

Classic Straight
Razor Sold

Gem & Gillette
Razors Sold

Denver Importers
Razor Sold

Razor Strop
Assortment Sold

Rolls Razor
Strop & Case

Order Foresters
Razor Sold

Wild Inspection
Razor Sold

Griffon Germany
Razor Sold

Straight Razor

Griffon Straight
Razor Sold

Boker King Cutter
Razor Sold

Buergen Landers
Weyer Sold

Gillette Safety
Razors Sold

Green Lizard
Razor Sold

Gillette Aristocrat
Razor Sold

Middle States
Strop Sold

Shaving Mug
& Brush Sold

Burma Shave
Jar Sold

Lakeside Razor
Strop Sold

Simmons Hardware
Strop Sold

Rubin Razor
Strop Sold

Baker Razor
Strop Sold

Square Deal
Razor Sold

Illinois Razor
Strop Sold

6 Safety Razors
Gillette Sold

Velvet Edge
Razor Hone Sold

Badger Hair Shave
Brush Sold

Gem Razor &
Case Sold

Wade & Butcher
Razors Sold

Barbers Expert
Razor Sold

Erskine Shaving
Brush Sold

The Artist Straight
Razor Sold

Wade & Butcher
Razor Sold

Livesteel Straight
Razor Sold

Durham Razor

Barber Shop
Union Sign Sold

Genco Master
Razor Sold

Des Moines Barber
Razor Sold

Henry Cutlerix
Razor Sold

Razors Brush &
Strop Sold

Leather Razor
Strop Sold

Swastika Shaving
Brush Sold

Craftsman Razor
Strop Sold

Straight Razors
& Strops Sold

Chicago Shaving
Brush Sold

Pike Razor
Strop Sold

Heckel Razor
Strop Sold

3 Fancy Straight
Razors Sold

Barbacide Razor
Sterilizer Jar Sold

Schick Eversharp
Fashion Razor

Twinplex Razor
Stropper Sold

Bakelite Straight
Razor Sold

Razor Blade
Assortment Sold

Old Storekeeper
Razor Blades

Carlton Blades

Barber/Razors-Sold Section




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