Firetalk provides worldwide calls, unlimited conference calling, instant messaging, voicemail, voice chat on this Web site, and the ability to surf and talk simultaneously -- all throughout Antique Mystique and all for free. Firetalk is the only Internet-based voice communication service that makes these multiple voice capabilities possible across the entire Internet in a single, powerful application. Firetalk's sound quality is excellent even with a 28k dial-up connection!
And unique only to Firetalk, the Firetalk Surf & Talk feature takes the integration of voice and the Internet one step further. Firetalk Surf & Talk allows you to talk instantly with others here at Antique Mystique. You and your friends can arrange online voice meetings here to view the various antique and collectible pages while browsing collectively, and even meet new friends as you browse Antique Mystique. Download Firetalk now and use it to talk with your friends for FREE!
To use Firetalk on Antique Mystique,open Firetalk and click on the Surf & Talk "Launch" button. This opens a Firetalk enabled Internet browser. Use this browser to surf to Now you are ready to talk to others at Antique Mystique!