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Old vintage antique porcelain enamelware or
graniteware coffee pots,plates,pitchers,buckets,
irons,candleholders,wash basins,soap dishes,cups,
Coleman gas irons and other utilitarian pieces in gray,blue,purple,green,mottled and swirl patterns.

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Blue Enamel
Coffee Pot

White Enamel
Coffee Pot

6 Gray
Granite Cups

Blue White Swirl
Enamel Colander

Blue White Swirl
Enamel Colander

Gray Granite
Tea Kettle

Blue White Swirl
Colander Sold

Large White
Coffee Pot Sold

Blue Gray Speckle
Bed Pan

White Enamel

1 Quart Gray
Pitcher Sold

Lunchbox Teapot
Bucket Sold

White Pot & Wire
Bail Handle

12" Blue & White
Enamel Spoon

Red & White
Double Boiler

White Pan Cups
Dipper Sold

Enamel Wash
Basins Sold

Reed Blue &
White Roaster

Gray Chamber
Pot Sold

White Enamel
Dipper Sold

Gray Enamel
Skimmer Sold

Blue & White
Enamel Spoon

Blue & White
Double Boiler

White & Blue
Enamel Boiler

Baby Blue Water
Pail Sold

7" Blue Porcelain

Green Swirl
Kettle Sold

Black Trim
White Funnel

14" Blue
Speckled Spoon

Blue Swirl Water
Bucket Sold

Dark Gray

Brown & White
Strainer Sold

Light Gray
Colander Sold

Gray Enamel
Bed Pan

Cream & Green
Kettle Sold

Mottled Gray
Roaster Sold

Gray Angel Food
Cake Pan Sold

White Plates
& Cups Sold

Wash Basin
Graniteware-Sold Section




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