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Old vintage antique militaria like medals,buttons,
swords,horse and harness equipment like US saddles,bridles,bits and saddle bags;pins,caps,shell and trench art and other army,navy,air force related war memorabilia.

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90 MM Tank
Shell Case Sold

Air Force
Recruit Sign Sold

1943 US 22 Rifle
Shell Box Sold

1920 US Pictures
World War Book

1944 Navy MK2
Brass Shell Sold

75MM Brass
Shell Casing Sold

US Navy
China Plate Sold

Indian War US
Bayonet Sold

21st Engineers Light Railway Book Sold

Chinese Ammo
Ammunition Belt

William Tecumseh
Sherman Book

World War Two
Leggings Sold

US Brass Rosette
Button Blinders

Civil War Gar
Slouch Hat Sold

1944 World War
2 Canteen Sold

US Bridle & Bit
Rosettes Sold

Army Saddle Sold

Sears 1917 US
Saddlebags Sold

1874 Shoemaker
Cavalry Bit

1863 Curb
Cavalry Bit

History's Greatest
War Book

Canadian Swagger
Stick SOLD

US Cavalry
Surcingle SOLD

US Cavalry
Saddlebags SOLD

Confederate Civil
War Bags SOLD

World War II
Major Trunk Sold

105MM Army
Tank Shell SOLD

WW2 Major Dale
Trunk Sold

30 Cal Machine
Gun Ammo SOLD

1944 Anti Tank
Mine Box SOLD

US Army Land
Mine Kit SOLD

Machine Gun
Ammo Box SOLD

M228 Practice
Grenade SOLD

Rock Island US
Saddlebags SOLD

Wood US Foxhole
Shovel SOLD

US Battleship
Coffee Pot

Vietnam Era US
Ammunition Box

Wood Handle
Foxhole Shovels

Gas Mask

Confederate Roll
Blanket SOLD

10 Army Infantry
Artillery Patches

Civil War Era
Brass Rosettes

Shoemaker US
Cavalry Bit SOLD

US Brass Belt
Buckle SOLD

US Cavalry Bridle
Rosette SOLD

US Army Brass
Uniform Buttons

Rare Medic Indian
Wars Canteen

13th Army Air
Force Patch

ROTC Rifle
Medal SOLD

1919 Camp Stuart
Virginia Photo

World War 1 Era
Army Photograph

US Indian Wars
Bayonet SOLD

US Military Issue

Bayonet SOLD

Cartridge Case

Machine Gun

Metz France POW

Drab Military
Blanket SOLD

Nazi Helmet
Emblem SOLD

Indian Wars
Bayonet SOLD

World War 2
Czech Bayonet

Turkish Bayonet
& Scabbard

US Military
Garrison Caps

Military Signal
Lanterns SOLD

Armored Division
US Patches

Alsace Chateau
Verdun Matchsafe

Officer Photo
& Memorial

US Military
Issue Belt SOLD

Shell Art
Militaria-Sold Section





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