You are looking at the finest timepiece i have ever had the privledge to sell.There are several pictures to let you see the real beauty of this gold pocket watch.I was unable to find any history on the maker of this watch but will give a detailed description as to any markings along with condition as i see it.
This antique hunter case pocket watch was made by Saltzman & Vuille while coming with its original presentation wooden case with felt interior and original warranty card.I assume the name on the inside top of the case "Victor Vuillaume" is who the watch was made for.The name also appears on the dial of the watch along with being engraved on the interior cover over the works and on the works themselves as well as on the warranty card.The marking of Chaux-De-Fonds along with the serial #1119 both are engraved in several places on the watch as well as being on the warranty card.The inside of the top case is engraved "Warranted *18* Carat Fine"in a circular fashion as well as 18K being engraved on the inside of the second cover over the works.The S and V overwritten logo of the maker is engraved on this cover as well as down inside the works.
I wound the watch up allowing it to run for over 24 hours and it appears to be in excellent working condition keeping good time.I can see no damage of any kind to the watch but i will point out that the dial has a tiny brown spot just to the left of the 3.Also the flange where you pop open the outside back cover has some brown reside on it that i am sure would clean off but i am going to leave that to its new owners judgement.There is some super fine scratching on the inside covers but in my opinion this is insignificant while the outside case is about as nice as you could ask for on an antique pocket watch.I have not pulled the lever set out to set the time as i just wound it and let it run as it was set but once again based on the wonderful condition of this watch im sure it will set time properly.I believe the lower left open circular area inside the case was for the watch chain that would of come with it which is gone but easily replaceable if you so choose.Also i done nothing to clean the case itself which is solid and the original finish is pretty good.The warranty card is still in nice legible condition so i wont list the wording on it here but if for some reason you have trouble reading it i will be happy to send it to you.
I am not an expert on pocket watches so please feel free to inquire with any questions you may have regarding something i may not of covered in my description.I do not know the exact age of this watch but its obvious for many reasons it is a very old and exquisite timepiece that you dont come across everyday and would make a cherished gift of a lifetime for that someone special in your life!
Price $ 2495

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