I have just acquired several antique oak stacking lawyer bookcases out of one of the earliest family owned law firms in Nebraska dating back to 1879.I have two of the stepback style oak barrister bookcases pictured below still in their original finish.One comes with six glass door sections and the other with five sections and each with a top and bottom.They are made of beautiful oak and each door has two brass knobs rather than the more familar one knob on most bookcases.These stack bookcases were made by Globe Wernicke dating from 1900-1910 and one is missing a edge board on the base that can be made if you so choose. Considering their age these bookcases are in excellent condition only showing some finish wear mainly along the base and with the six stack measuring 88" tall x 34" wide x 10" deep.Our price of $200 a section is significantly lower than the typical $250-$350 per bookcase section common in the market today so take advantage of this spectacular offer before its gone.

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