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 Coin Op
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Old vintage antique country,farm and ranch primitives like painted pine immigrant trunks,benches and bins; copper,chrome and tin boilers;wood pulleys,ice tongs
wood boxes,barn lanterns,sleigh bells,egg crates,
ice and buck saws;washboards,hay hooks,dehorners,
butter churns and molds,hay hooks and rug beaters.

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Blue Flag Pears
Fruit Crate

Apples Box Sold

Stadelman Fruit
Crate Boxes

Upland Apples
Fruit Crate Box

Colorado Apples

Shearer Orchards
Apple Crates

Red Paint
Wood Tote

Blue Ribbon
Apple Crate Sold

Apple A Day
Wood Fruit Crate

Mister Peach
Wood Fruit Box

Butlers Pride
Fruit Crate Box

Blue Mountain
Fruit Crate Sold

Cross Tacks
Wood Box Sold

Golden Spur
Fruit Crate Box

Snoboy Apples
Fruit Crate Box

Wire Basket
With Handles

Behrens Metal
Boiler & Lid

Food Gathering
Wire Basket

Young America
Music Box Sold

Martin Metal
Farm Basket

Franklin Bushel
Basket Sold

39 Brass Sleigh
Bell Leather Strap

Wire Basket w/
Handle Sold

Flower Watering

Nice Clean
Cream Can

Royal Baking
Powder Box

Wooden Wagon
Wheel Sold

41" Wood
Wagon Wheel

44" Wooden
Wagon Wheel

Wood Wagon
Wheel Sold

Wire Egg
Baskets Sold

Wood Butter
Mold Sold

Food Gathering
Wire Basket Sold

Wire Baskets

Kraut Kutter

DeLaval Cream
Separator Sold

Royal Blue Cream
Separator Sold

39" Wooden
Wagon Wheels

Wilson Cheese
Box Sold

Kraft American
Cheese Box Sold

Single Wheel
Wood Pulley Sold

Copper Boiler
Oval Tub Sold

Copper Boiler
Oval Tub Sold

Copper Boiler
Wood Handles

2 Wheel Wood
Pulley Sold

Union Hardware
Wood Pulley Sold

One Wheel
Wood Pulley Sold

Double Wheel
Wood Pulley Sold

2 Wood Pulleys
& Rope Sold

Double Wheel
Wood Pulley Sold

Single Wheel
Wood Pulley Sold

Pulley Sold

Two Wheel
Wood Pulley Sold

Block & Tackle
Pulley Rope Sold

Red Riding Hood
Crate Sold

8 Drawer Wood
Spice Cabinet

Wire & Wood
Rug Beaters

Red Wood Handle
Rug Beater

Cheese Boxes

Primitive Pine
Wood Tool Tote

Dovetail Wooden
Jello Box

Primitive Dome
Top Wood Ches

DeLand Cheese
Pantry Box

Wire Egg
Basket Sold

Woodward Fine
Candy Box

Alaska Freezer
Ice Cream Maker

Canadian OK
Apple Fruit Crates

Wood Boxes

Highland Vineyard
Box Sold

65" Lake Pond
Ice Saw

Copper Boiler &
Copper Lid

Small 2 Wheel
Wood Pulley

Odd Red Paint
Wooden Pulley

Small Wood
Pulley & Rope

Grim Reaper
Scythe Swath

Round Copper
Wash Tub

16 Foot Of 1"
Pulley Rope

Wood Handled
Hay Knife Sold

56 Foot Of
3/4" Pulley Rope

Plainview Coop
Cream Can

20" Buhl
Cream Can

Sugar Creek
Creamery Can

21" Farm
Cream Can Sold

Cast Steel

Block & Tackle
Pulley Rope

Perfection Stove
Kerosene Jug

Unusual Wood
Handle Saw

Round Metal
Wash Tub

Two Man
Tree Saw Sold

Oak Coat &
Hat Rack Sold

Two Man
Tree Saw Sold

Keg Barrel
Wood Spigots

Marley Dairy
Cream Can

Cream Can w/

Electric Wood Ice
Cream Freezer

Wire Basket
w/ Handle

Tyler Brass Screen
Scale Sieves

Delco Light
Battery Jar Box

Farmers Harness
Shoe Repair Sold

Rope Pulley

Huge Wood
Kraut Kutter

Type Tray
Printers Drawer

Printer Type
Tray Drawer

Wood Slat
Egg Basket Sold

Stone Buggy
Foot Warmer

Wood Ice Cream
Freezer Sold

Wooden Buggy
Wheels Sold

Wood Wagon
Wheel Sold

Farm Feed
Milk Buckets

Brass Kettle Pot
w/ Iron Handle

Dairy Milk
Bottle Carriers

Type Tray
Printers Drawer

Wood Handle
Tree Saws

Red Wooden
Spinning Wheel

Wooden Nail
Keg Barrels

Glass Ball Copper
Lightning Rod

Folk Art Paint
Church Building

Painted Folk Art
Wooden House

Cabbage Slaw
Kraut Cutter

Wall Mount Wood
Spice Cabinet

Red Paint Pine
Cutlery Tray Tote

Bagdad Grapes
Fruit Crate Box

Old Red Paint
Spice Cabinet

Old Paint
Sugar Bucket

Behren's Milk
Cream Can

7' Bin Cupboard
Spice Drawers

Wood Slaw
Cabbage Cutters

Pumpkin Paint
Immigrant Trunk

Wood Buck

Tin Coal
Primitive/Country-Sold Section




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