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Old vintage antique food,candy,spice tins,coffee tins,
cans,milk boxes,egg cases,and household metal and paper containers and canisters.

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Allenbury Pastilles
Medicinal Tin

Breakfast Call
Coffee Tin Sold

Velvet Tobacco
Pocket Tins Sold

Ready To Eat
Popcorn Tin Sold

Standley Nutrena
Egg Cartons

Bunte Dainty Kiss
Candy Tin

Packers Tar
Soap Tin

Bowers Creamy
Mints Tin

Chocolates Tin

Maxwell House
Coffee Can Sold

Kitchen Tin Sold

Eight O'Clock
Coffee Bank Sold

Andresen Ryan
Coffee Can

Village Blacksmith
Candy Tin Sold

Chase Chocolate
Tin Sold

Schilling Spice
Tins Sold

Rexall Orderlies
Laxative Tin Sold

Peak Coffee
Can Tin Sold

Biscuit Tin

Oyster Tin Sold

Herold Sardine
Book Tin Sold

Blue Boy
Fruit Tin Can

Marshmallow Sold

Millar's Golden
Charm Coffee Can

Chase & Sanborn
Seal Brand Coffee

Coconut Tin Sold

Hills Brothers
Coffee Can

Edelweiss Spice
Tin w/ Label Sold

Waconia Syrup
Tin Pail Sold

Nabisco Cracker
Tin Sold

Crayola Crayons
Tin Sold

Millars Spice
Tins Sold

Horn Of Plenty
Fruit Cake Sold

Colonial Fruit
Cake Tin

Birds Flowers
England Tin Sold

Sucher's Victory
Brand Lard Sold

Rice Pig Lard
Tin Pail Sold

Wickham Lard
Tin Pail Sold

Folgers Coffee
Can Tin Sold

Willard's Willow
Cookie Tin Sold

1937 Coronation
BeeBee Biscuit Tin

Reed's Butter
Scotch Tin Sold

Charles Potato
Chips Tin Sold

Sky Flakes
Crackers Tin Sold

5 Lbs. Folgers
Coffee Can Sold

Log Cabin
Syrup Tin Sold

Sunshine Krispy
Crackers Sold

Hill Bros.
Coffee Can Tin

Candy Tin Sold

Cudahy Rex
Lard Pail Sold

Oyster Tin

Tin Sold

Banquet Tea
Tin Sold

Bird Decorated
Candy Tin Sold

Folgers Coffee
Can Tin SOLD

Rosemarie Paris

Armour Pure
Lard Pail Sold

European Kitchen
Tin Chest Sold

Monarch Green
Tea Tin Sold

Kopp Woodard
Candies Pail Sold

Nabisco Crackers
Tin Sold

Japan Green
Tea Tin Can Sold

IGA Coffee
Can Tin Sold

Hostess Coffee
Tin Can Sold

Calumet Baking
Powder Tin Sold

Candy Tin Sold

Vanderbilt Powder
Tin Sold

Pan Jang Talcum
Powder Tin Sold

Palmolive After
Shave Tin Sold

Kirk Jap Rose
Talcum Tin Sold

Butter-Nut Tea
Gunpowder Sold

Dutch Mill
Cheese Boxes

Can Sold

Planters Pennant
Peanuts Tin Sold

Nash's Coffee
Tin Can Sold

Lipton Tea
Bag Tin Sold

Golden Wedding
Spice Tin Sold

Breakfast Call
Coffee Can Sold

Coffee Can Sold

Butter Nut Coffee
Can Sold

Calumet Baking
Powder Can Sold

Monarch Green
Tea Can Sold

Murray Confection
Tin Sold

Coffee Can Sold

Paxton Gallagher
Coffee Can

Hiroshima Rice
Crackers Sold

Nabisco Cracker
Tin Sold

Herold Sardine
Book Tin Sold

Quaker Oats
Container Sold

Schilling Spice
Boxes Sold

15 Assorted
Spice Boxes Sold

Hartz Mountain
Bird Food Sold

Nash Coffee
Canisters Sold

Betty Lou Potato
Tin Sold

Prince Albert
Tobacco Tin Can

Texene Texas Top
Grapefruit Sold

Tom Sturgis
Pretzel Tin Sold

Mc Laughlin's
Gem Coffee Bag

Dust-Puff Auto &
Furniture Sold

Arm & Hammer
Sal Soda Box

Top Flite
Jar Rings

Gaymont Cream
Cheese Tubs

Cooper Jockey
Hosiery Box

4 Piece Kitchen
Canister Set

Schilling Mace
& Allspice Sold

Schilling Mace &
Marjoram Tins
Tins/Containers-Sold Section




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