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June 26-Our latest updates have been to Railroad,Tins and Telephone.

June 12-Today we have done a major inventory update to the Crockery section adding 24 crocks including a beautiful advertising rolling pin from Mills,Nebraska along with several Red Wing and Western Stoneware crockss

June 11-Our most recent updates are to Militaria and Sports which includes a few basbeall gloves.

May 12,2015-Today we have updated the Barber/Razor section of our website with several razors and some shaving mugs from Germany.

May 8,2015-Today we have updated the Militaria section with a sword,helmet and Nazi SS rucksack.The Sports section has had some more baseball equipment added along with more boxing gloves.

May 7,2015-Today we updated the Railroad and Baby Boom/Gen X sections.The Railroad category with some keys,passenger train glassware and a denim engineers jacket.The BabyBoom/GenX section has several Marx action figures,GI Joe items and some games added.

April 22,2015-We have just updated our Hunting/Trapping section with several shotgun shell boxes and a wooden ammunition box.

April 9,2015-Our latest update is to Petroliana/Gas with a couple Standard Oil items including a large thermometer and a Maytag motor oil can.

March 2,2015-We have updated the Militaria section with some uniforns and a Nazi Germany helmet.

February 16,2015-We have just updated the Advertising section with some thermometers and a neat Red Goose Shoes string holder.

December 18,2014-We added a few Newhouse traps to the Hunting Trapping section.

Decemeber 17,2014-Added some items to the Fire/Police section.

December 16,2014-We updated the Sports section with some boxing equipment and some pennants including a couple nice older NFL pennants.

December 3,2014-We apologize for not keeping the Whats New page up to date over recent months.Many categories have had 100s of items added to them.Our most recent updates were to Railroad,Radio and Hunting/Trapping so please take a look.

November 20,2012-All throughout the summer and fall we have been updating our website by adding hundreds of interesting items for your shopping pleasure.Please check your areas of interest to see what might catch your eye as we will continue to add more inventory up through Christmas.

April 15,2012-Over the winter and throughout the spring we have been updating site wide so be sure and check your favorite category for new merchandise that has been added over the last several months.

August 12,2011-Over the summer we have added alot of content throughout our website including the following sections:Advertising,Artists/Prints,Clocks/Watches,
Railroad,Sports,Telephone,Tins/Containers and Tobacciana.

May 10,2011-Over the last few weeks we have added a large amount of inventory to our website in the following categories:Advertising,China/Porcelain,
Primitive/Country,Profession/Store,Railroad,Soda Pop,Sports and Tools.

February11,2011-Our most recent updates were to Barber/Razors,Fishing,
Black Americana,Railroad,Hunting/Trapping,Cowboy/Indian,Graniteware
and Primitive/Country.

January 18,2011-Today we have updated the Cast Iron/Irons section of our website
with several items including a couple of large iron cauldrons which are always popular.We also added some golf clubs,boxing gloves and baseball items to the Sports section.

January 1,2011-Over the previous couple of months we have added hundreds of items all throughout our website for the Christmas season.Thank you again for another successful year and be sure to check your favorite categories for new items that may be of interest to you.

August 25,2010-Our most recent updates have been to Cast Iron,Tins/Containers, Primitive/Country,Knives,Profession/Store,Automobilia,Railroad,Hunting/Trapping and Sports.

June 10,2010-Over the past two months we have been adding a wide variety of new items to our website in several categories including Black Americana,Bottles/Jars,
Cast Iron/Irons,Cowboy/Indian,Crockery,Fishing,Musical,Primitive/Country, Railroad and Telephone.

April 16,2010-Our most recent updates have been to Cowboy/Indian,Telephone and Primitive/Country.

March 14,2010-It has been awhile since we posted here but we have been updating inventory all throughout the website including Primitive/Country,Bottles/Jars,
Cowboy/Indian,Breweriana/Bar,Graniteware,Railroad,Sports and Tobacciana.

Jan 1,2010-First of all i want to thank all of you for your patronage over the past year making it so successful and we want to wish all of you a Prosperous and Happy New Year.Over the last month plus we have done several updates to various categories including Primitive/Country,Barber/Razors,Crockery and Textiles/Quilts.


November 17,2009-During the month of November we have added a vast number of items all throughout our website in the categories of Primitive/Country,Glassware,
Sports,Cowboy/Indian,Lighting/Lamps,Black Americana,Crockery,Holiday,Knives,
Railroad and Petroliana/Gas/Oil.

October 30,2009-Over the last few days we have been updating several sections of our website with many new and interesting items.The categories are Soda Pop, Hunting/Trapping,Fishing,Primitive/Country,Profession/Store,Character,Automobilia and Art/Prints.

October 21,2009-The Office,Crockery and Tobacciana all had items added tonight so stop by and take a look.

October 14,2009-We have updated several sections of our website including Metalware/Silver,Railroad,Primitive/Country,Soda Pop and Telephone so please take a look.

September 28,2009-We have just finished updating the Fishing section with 30 more items including several fly rods,lures and reels.We also added a dozen items in the 50s/60s/70s/Retro section including a motion lamp,several Sexton metal wall plaque sets and some Pyrex pieces.

September 3,2009-The most recent sections of our website to be updated are Crockery,Tobacciana,Barber/Razors,Hunting/Trapping and Fire/Police so please be sure to look through our latest inventory.

August 20,2009-Over the last month we have added quite a bit of inventory including over 80 items to the Primitive/Country section.The Sports section has been updated as has the Petroliana/Gas/Oil category and Soda Pop so please stp by and take a look.

July 21,2009-We have just finished a large update of over 60 items to the Cast Iron/Irons section of our website.Also we added items to the Militaria category including a pair of Civil War era Confederate saddlebags along with some US ammo boxes and other field equipment so please take a look.

July 14,2009-Our latest update has been to the Sports section with some boxing gloves along with an old table tennis set and we also added some trade tokens to the Coins/Tokens section.

July 7,2009-Today we have added three listings to the Petroliana/Gas/Oil section including a Mobil gas station attendant hat with rare brass pegasus horse side buttons.

July 6,2009-Our most recent updates have been to the Barber/Razor section and Soda Pop.

Jun 15,2009-Our most recent update was to the Tins/Containers section where we added 27 additional items.

June 11,2009-We have just finshed a large 54 item update to our Railroad section so please see what we have available.Another small update to Breweriana/Bar and Petroliana/Gas/Oil now has a Mobil Oil attendant hat.We have also updated Hunting/Trapping with 27 new items including several wood duck decoys and a rare Marlin firearms sign.

May 29,2009-We have added some items to the Sports section including golf equipment and a rare early leather fotball helmet.The Breweriana/Bar section has some beer trays newly added along with other advertising memorabilia.

May 24,2009-This is the first posting of updates in the last few months which included updates to most of our categories.The latest four sections to have new inventory added are Fishing,Crockery,Advertising and Petroliana/Gas/Oil so please take a moment to view those as well as the rest of our site for items that may be of interest to you.

June 24, 2008-Our most recent updated categories are Fishing,Hunting/Trapping,Telephone,Sports,Lunchboxes and Militaria where we listed a rare piece of US Navy history.

May 21,2008-The latest updates were to Lighting/Lamps,Sports,Cowboy/Indian and Barber/Razor.

May 7,2008-Our most recent additions are in Political,50/60s/70s/Retro and Tins/Containers.

April 24,2008-Some of our latest updates have been to Primitive/Country,Militaria,
Railroad and Petroliana/Gas/Oil.

March 8,2008-We have added several soda bottle boxes to the Soda Pop section
along with some additions to Militaria and several branding irons in the Cowboy/Indian section.

March 1,2008-Since the first of the year we have updated our website with hundreds of items in several sections including Cast Iron/Irons,Sports,Furniture,
Militaria,and Tools.

December 12,2007-We have added many new items over the last couple of weeks for the Christmas shopping season.They include Automobilia,Militaria,Soda Pop,
Children,Petroliana/Gas/Oil,Fishing,Furniture,Lighting,Musical and Railroad.

November 27,2007-We have just finished adding several new items to Primitive/Country section of our website including several paper label fruit crates along with many farm primitives.

November 23,2007-The latest inventory updates have been to Hunting/Trapping,Tobacciana,Bottles/Jars,Breweriana,Kitchenware and Sports.

November 4,2007-We have added several sets of spurs and horse hames to the Cowboy/Indian section of our website.The Sports section now has some leather football helmets along with several baseball gloves.

October 7,2007-We havent updated this page for quite some time but we have added a great deal of inventory throughout our website so please be sure and stop by and see whats new in the following sections:Lunchboxes,Fraternal/Scouts,Disney,
Fire/Police,Fishing,Hunting/Trapping,Mens,Musical,Petroliana/Gas/Oil,Soda Pop,
Textiles/Clothing and Political.

May 3,2007-The latest inventory updates have been to Primitive/Country, Militaria,Cowboy/Indian,Tins/Containers and Telephone.

April 5,2007-Over the last few weeks we have updated many sections of our website including Bottles/Jars,Tins/Containers,Hunting/Trapping,Automobilia,Cast Iron/Irons,Furniture,Graniteware,Ladies,Primitive/Country,Railroad,Sports,Tools and Tobacciana.

February 22,2007-Thr latest updates are to Cast Iron/Irons where we added cast iron cookware,water pumps and several sets of tongs.The Advertising section has three signs added including a porcelain flange Wear-U-Well shoes sign and an International Harvester McCormick dairy equipment dealer sign.

February 17,2007-The Cowboy/Indian section has an 1894 Winchester rifle along with a set of spurs added to it.The Primitive/Country section has some old boxes added and the Hunting/Trapping category has more shotgun shells,ammunition boxes and a wood duck decoy.

February 13,2007-Over the last month we have added inventory to many categories including more signs in Petroliana/Gas/Oil and pocket watches in Clocks/Watches.We also have updated Hunting/Trapping,Breweriana/Bar, Character,Children,Fire/Police,Kitchenware,Musical and Knives.

January 12,2007-We have added a couple porcelain Champlin and Alemite gas station advertising signs to the Petroliana section as well as the Tobacciana section has a Midland jump spark cigar lighter now listed in it.

January 5,2007-The Ladies,Mens,Textiles/Quilts and Miscellaneous areas of our website have had inventory added to them in the new year.

January 2/2007-Over the months of November and December we done some major updating of our site in anticipation of the Christmas season.We want to take this oppurtunity to thank all of our new and previous valued customers for making it our biggest year yet.We also want to wish each and everyone of you a Happy New Year as we look forward to serving your collecting needs in 2007.

November 10,2006-The latest updates to our website include Barber/Razors, Militaria,Clocks/Watches and a large update to Primitive/Country.

October 16,2007-Over the last few weeks we have updated several sections of our website including Primitive/Country,Advertising,Soda Pop,Cowboy/Indian,Cast Iron/Irons,Petroliana/Gas/Oil and Sports.

August 27,2006-Over the summer we have added literally 100s of items to our inventory in the following categories,Artists/Prints,Automobilia,Barber/Razors,Black Americana,Cast Iron/Irons,Cowboy/Indian,Crockery,Fire/Police.Fishing, Furniture,Hunting/Trapping,Lighting,Militaria,Petroliana/Gas/Oil,Primitive/Country,
Railroad,Soda Pop,Sports,Telephone and Tins/Containers.Please take a moment to browse through all of the added merchandise for your shopping needs.

May 30,2006-We have done some major updates in the Tools,Toys/Games, Lighting,Fire/Police and Automobilia sections of our website.

May 6,2006-The most recent updates have been to Advertising,Cast Iron/Irons Cowboy/Indian and Militaria.

April 19,2006-Over the past almost three weeks we have added over a 100 new items to our online inventory in the following categories:Breweriana/Bar;Cast Iron/Irons;Clocks/Watches;Cowboy/Indian;Disney;Doctor/Dental;Hunting/Trapping;
Kitchenware;Lunchboxes;Paper/Calendars;Primitive/Country and Railroad.Some of the more interesting items are a railroad depot desk;portable dental cabinet;windmill weights;pocket watches and much much more.

March 31,2006-We haved added inventory to Cowboy/Indian,Barber/Razors and Primitive/Country sections of our websites so please stop by and see whats new!

March 25,2006-The 50s/60s/70s section has several items added including a siamese cat tv lamp and some retro lamp shades.The Medals/Badges area now has several truck driver enamel badges from several truck freight companies along with some American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars delegate pins.

March 8,2006-Over the last month we have added quite a number of items to several different sections of our website.The Crockery section has several Red Wing crocks listed in it as well as Character now has two Davey Crockett childs chairs along with a Dick Tracy camera and a Lone Ranger snow dome.The Petroliana/Gas/Oil section has more gas pump signs and a couple new motor oil cans.We added a few pieces in the Fraternal/Scouts section including a Knights Templar uniform and a few Boy Scout pieces.The Kitchenware section now has a couple cookie jars added along with a great cast iron and glass wall mount coffee grinder from Arcade.There are many additional pieces recently added to Black Americana including a McCoy mammy cookie jar,F & F plastic table pieces and several chalkware items.The Railroad category now has a Pullman uniform,1940s railroad magazines and even a railroad crossing sign.The Soda section has some recently added Coke items including a flange sign,serving trays and a Pam fishtail advertising clock.Finally the Sports section has a small update of more baseball gloves and mitts so please take a moment to view any updates that may of be of interest to you and as always thanks so much for shopping with Antique Mystique.

February 1,2006-The latest site updates have been to Advertising and Petroliana/Gas/Oil which have both had several signs added as well as small update to Automobilia.

January 15,2006-Happy New Year and thank you to all of the wonderful customers who made this past Christmas season the best we've ever had.We have done a few smaller updates in the Tobacciana,Pottery and Primitive/Country sections of our website.Over the last three months of updates and for the future as we go through and update inventory we are marking down prices randomly on items with some discounts of as much as 50% so please keep this in mind when shopping our website.

December 6,2005-In the last two weeks we have done a few smaller updates to several sections of our website.The Hunting Trapping section now has a listing for some nice original wood duck decoys and a couple of metal gun cleaning kits.The Petroliana/Gas/Oil section has some added signs and oil cans and w eplan to do one more update to it before Christmas.The Automobilia section has some nice old radiator cap mascots added to it and some more fire helmets in the Fire/Police section.The Sports are has some old baseball equipment still in the box and we added three violins in the Musical category.

November 25,2005-We have just added four fire helmets to the Fire/Police section of our website.

November 18,2005-Over the last two weeks we have updated the Advertising section with several items and Fishing with some wood lures along with a few minnow buckets.The Cowboy/Indian category has several branding irons added along with a Hamley saddle and a pair of Shipley chaps.The Soda Pop section has a great 30s Coca Cola porcelain curb service sign and a couple of Hires Root Beer tin signs as well.

November 4,2005-We have just finished updating the Clocks/Watches section and Fire/Police.We listed a neat neon clock with pink and green tubes along with some mantle clocks and pocket watches.We added three fire helmets and should be adding a couple more within the next week so drop by and see whats new.

October 31, 2005-Over the last couple of weeks we have been very busy updating several sections of our website with a large amount of inventory so please take a moment to stop by and look.The Advertising section has had several signs added to it and the Militaria has a couple McClelland saddles with a nice cavalry Shoemaker bit.The Crockery section now has several Red Wing crocks in various sizes and we added a wide assortment of old shotgun shell boxes to the Hunting/Trapping section.

October 18,2005-We have just finished a large update to the Railroad section of our website with over 70 new listings including a bronze steam locomotive bell from the Union Pacific Railroad along with many brass switch locks and keys;conductor and brakeman hat badges,dining car china and glassware,time tables and much more.

October 13, 2005-We just finished with an update to the Petroliana/Gas/Oil with two gas pump globes from Texaco and Standard along with some other nice items.Also we have added a selection of prints to the Art/Prints section and a number of nice advertising tins in the Tins/Container category.

October 11, 2005-Please check out our Furniture section for some super oak lawyer stacking bookcases we just purchased out of a law office in Nebraska that was in business over a 100 years ago.They are all original finish with most being quarter sawn oak and we also added all of the law books dating back as far as the 1880s that were housed in the cases in our Books/Magazines section.

October 4,2005-The following sections of our website have been updated.
Architectural,Breweriana/Bar,Hunting/Trapping,Primitive/Country,Soda Pop,Books/Magazines and Sports.The Sports area had a large selection of baseball gloves added with the Primitive/Country section a large selection of items including copper boilers,wooden boxes,wire baskets and much much more.The Breweriana/Bar section has several brewery bottle boxes and some Storz bar lights.We recently acquired a huge collection of law books from a turn of the century lawyers office which have been added at bargain prices.

September 12,2005-Its been a busy summer so we have not posted for awhile so here are our latest updates.The Sports section has over 60 new listings in it including some nice early baseball gloves.The Militaria section has been updated with some bayonets and an array of US military items.The Hunting/Trapping section has several new boxes of good old shotgun shells,decoys and game calls.The Petroliana/Gas/Oil section has added some oil cans along with a Standard attendants hat and pump signs.We have done a few other small updates and i wanted to mention that from now on when we update a section we are going to remove the sold listings from the main category page so that you will no longer have to sort through them when viewing that particular section.This will be happening over a long period of time but we eventually hope to have most or all of the sold items moved to their own page.

May 16,2005-The Hunting/Trapping section has a dozen new listings which include three antique double barrel shotguns with outside hammers along with some shell boxes and game calls.

May 10,2005-The Cast Iron/Irons section has been updated with a selection of farm implement seats,ice tongs,Griswold items and a nice old paint Dempster horse windmill weight.

April 26, 2005-The Automobilia section of our website has just had 27 new listings added to it including a great Dodge Trucks porcelain sign along with several hood ornaments,manuals and books.

April 24, 2005-Our message forum boards become corrupted meaning we have to completely start over from scratch so please be patient until we can get the time to replace it.

March 26,2005-Take alook around our website for several small updates to various sections including Automobilia,Kitchenware,Children,Barber/Razors and more.

January 24,2005-Its been nearly two months since we posted an update here but now that the busy Christmas shopping season is over we have had some time to add a myriad of new inventory to our website.
The Cowboy/Indian section has several new items including a Lee saddle from Pierre,South Dakota;1874 Shoemaker US bit;branding irons along with some holsters.In Militaria we listed several bayonets along with uniforms and other military items from all over the world.
We added several musical instruments including three violins and a nice music box.The Furniture section has some nice oak pieces and several clocks were put in that section as well.

November 28. 2004-Some additional updates of great stuff have been done to Petro/Gas Station including two Mobiloil station lollipop curb signs.The Railroad section now has a Railway Express Agency depot sign and we posted some items under Black Americana as well.

November 24.2004-We've added quite a bit of new inventory in several sections of our website.We just put up some awesome prints including a large Horse Fair and a lion on an oak frame with lion heads on it.Also a couple of the ever popular Lone Wolf along with a Parrish and Fox.
We also done a large update in the Fire/Police category with several fire
extinguishers,badges,hats,coats and even fire engine lights added.
The Barber/Razor,Breweriana/Bar,Fishing,Medals/Badges and Sportscards/cards sections have all bene updated with some great new items so please take a look.

October 20,2004-Its been awhile since we last updated with whats new so look in Primitive/Country,Militaria,Tobacciana,Textiles/Clothing and Tins/Containers for a wide selection of newly added merchandise.

September 21,2004-We just finished with a major update to the Railroad section with many hats and even a couple of complete uniforms from Sante Fe and Grand Trunk.We also added some great car brochures to Automobilia and some beer items to Breweriana/Bar.The Hunting/Trapping section has new decoys and paper shotgun shell boxes.A few more items were added to Advertising and we now have some neat old bicycles in Transportation including an awesome Schwinn Panther.

September 10, 2004-The Advertising section has several great old porcelain signs and thermometers added to it and also Photographica has some great bubble glass frames along with old photographs listed in it now.The Disney section has a newly added nice Mickey Mouse Club lunchbox among other things.

August 30,2004-The Cowboy/Indian area has a great old pair of shotgun chaps added to it along with some saddle bags,indian artifacts and a late 19th century photograph of Nez Perce Chief Joseph.

August 18,2004-We have just finished with a major update to the Primitive/Country section by adding almost 50 new listings including great old paint tool chests and immigrant trunks.We also posted a couple neat tv lamps in the 50s section along with some hard top find Hudson Oil Company motor oil jars/bottles with great graphics on the paper labels in Petroliana/Oil.

August 7,2004-Over the last few weeks we have updated several sections of our website including Militaria,Petroliana/Oil,Fishing,Crockery,Kitchenware,
Bottles/Jars and Tools.Please take a moment to look over the vast array of new and neat things we have added to our website and as always we sincerely appreciate your patronage.

July 1,2004-We havent posted an update here for a few weeks but we have added new inventory to several categories.In Glassware we listed an incredible Fenton diamond lace opalescent epernge along with some Fostoria milk glass and a nice Fenton cranberry glass vase.In Breweriana we put up a couple Royal Bohemian Beer signs and some neat liquor decanter sets.The Tobacciana section now has an awesome Bradley & Hubbard parrot ashtray stand along with several new cut plug tins.Also a couple figural novelty lighters including a Browning machine gun and a grenade along with some original brass spitoons.The Petroliana/Oil area has a Butler gravity feed gas pump with an etched glass cylinder also with several oil bottles and some service station memorabilia.The Sports section is now choked full of another assortment of old baseball gloves as well so take a look around and see what whats new!

May 16.2004-Within the last week we have updated several categories with many interesting and unique items.We added some tin,porcelain,and reverse glass signs,trays,thermometers and more.We listed a nice assortment of telephones including wood and metal in the Telephone section.In the Cowboy/Indian section we added a great old pair of saddlebags along with a turn of the century ladies side saddle and a nice long rifle scabbard.In the Cast Iron/Irons category are a couple of windmill weights and a huge assortment of clothing irons.

May 4,2004-It has been a long time coming but we have finally completed transferring our entire website data over to the new computer system we recently purchased.We then made the time consuming decision to also move our website over to a new internet host server.You should notice now that our pages will load much faster since we are operating on a new state of the art web server.
Now that we have all of this is behind us we have begun to once again update our website with new inventory.We have literally 100s of new items we are looking forward to adding to our website over the next few weeks and months so we hope you will keep us in mind for your antique/collectible shopping in the future.

January 27,2004-We recently purchased several items from the estate of a conductor here in Nebraska and have added many of them to the Railroad section of our website.Several items were added to Barber/Razors including a round porcelain barber sign.The Breweriana/Bar section now has a beautiful Old Crow Whiskey punch bowl and ladle set.In the Character category is a Roy Rogers/Trigger wrist watch and also a few pieces were added to Fishing, and Children.

January 15,2004-We have just added several new items to Barber/Razors and Tobacciana and made a few price adjustments.

January 10,2004-The Scientific and Rock/Pop sections were updated today.

January 1,2004-The Sports section has a nice assortment of 27 baseball gloves just added to it and a few items were listed in the Coins/Tokens section as well.

December 28,2003-We have just finished with a large update to the Primitive/Country section.We also added items to Cowboy/Indian,
Hunting,Doctor/Dental,Ladies and Petroliana/Oil.

December 20,2003-Over the last week or so we have added inventory to Militaria,China/Porcelain,Hunting and Soda Pop.

December 8,2003-Our latest inventory update was to Furniture which included a nice Heywood Bros. & Wakefield Co. wicker sewing basket stand and some wall mirrors.We updated the Fire Police section with some great firefighting collectibles and some items in Cowboy/Indian.

December 1,2003-We have added some items to Automobilia and a nice cast iron Art Nouveau beveled mirror to that section as well.The CastIron/Irons section has 30 new items including several more implement seats,windmill weights and much more.

November 24,2003-If you ever wanted to see a high quality gold pocket watch you need to stop by Clocks/Watches and take a look at the Swiss made beauty with its presentation case we added along with a couple nice ornate oak wall clocks.In the Transportation section we have added the nicest Schwinn bicycle built for 2 that we have ever seen.The Toys section has a new update of inventory including original paint cast irons toys and we also lowered the prices on many items so it may pay you to take a look.The Fire/Police section has a small update which includes a Nebraska fire helmet with a leather shield.

November 14,2003-Yet another large update to the Sports section including 30 more baseball gloves along with some new items in the Militaria category.Also a new selection of merchandise in the Tins/Containers section and some great paper brewery signs were added to the Breweriana/Bar area.

November 4,2003-We just finished a large update to the Sports section
along with additions to Kitchenware,Architectural and Fire/Police.

October 30,2003-We have been busy adding quite a volume of new inventory and in some cases even dropping a few prices so if there has ever been anything just beyond the price you'd like to pay this might be a good time to take a look and see if its been reduced.We not only do this to try to liquidate but also to reward regular customers who take the time to stop by again and again.
The latest areas we have been working on are:Baby Boomer,Cowboy/ Indian,Automobilia,Hunting/Trapping,Knives,Fire/Police,Holiday,
Lunchboxes,Petroliana/Oil,Telephone,Primitive/Country and Soda Pop.

September 26,2003-Many of our sections have been updated with new merchandise including Advertising,50s,60s,70s,Sportscards,Crockery, Primitive/Country,Bottles/Jars,Office,Character and Fire/Police.

September 8,2003-The Sports section has several new baseball gloves listed in it with several more to come in the next few days as well as a few items have been added to the Scientific area.

September 5,2003-We have updated the following sections of our website.
The Cowboy/Indian section has several new spurs and bits and a few price reductions on some items already listed there.
The Musical section has several added instruments such as violins,saxophones and clarinets.
The Militaria area has another army saddle and rifle scabbard along with some unique wooden dummy load naval shells.
Our Graniteware category has a great looking blue swirl kettle along with some other porcelain enamel pieces.
Take a look in the Fishing section for some split shot tins and a canvas and leather satchel.
In our Breweriana page we added 3 items but 2 of them have already sold right after listing them.
Finally our largest update was in the Fraternal/Scouts section so for those of you interested in that field of collecting be sure to take a look.

August 22, 2003-Our latest updates include the Office section featuring some desk lamps,paperweights,letter openers and paper spikes as well as several new oil cans and oilers from Maytag,Singer and Standard Oil have been added to our Petroliana/Oil page.

August 17, 2003-We have several light fixtures and a nice floor lamp now added to the Lighting section of our website along with a few new items in Automobilia and Crockery.

August 10,2003-Advertising,Cowboy/Indian,Fishing,Photographica and Telephone all have new items listed so take a moment and have a look around to see what might interest you.

July 30,2003-The Militaria area now has some new inventory added to it including an army saddle,bags and spurs along with a dozen other items that may be of interest to collectors.

July 28,2003-The Tobacciana section has been updated with a variety of smoking related collectibles.The Cast Iron section has several farm implement seats added to it which have been a hot item over the last few months.

June 18,2003-Our website has quite a bit of new inventory and some of it has sold almost as fast as we got it listed in particular in the Cast Iron/Irons and Sports sections.There are several new razors in Barber/Razors along with updates to Dolls,Hunting,Soda Pop and the Tins/Containers area so stop by and take a look.

May 8,2003-We just added some Winold Reiss Blackfeet indian prints from paintings done in the 1920s through the 40s commissioned by the Great Northern Railway to our Cowboy/Indian section.The Fishing section has some new items as does the Graniteware category.We listed several crocks in the Crockery section as well.

April 9,2003-The Profession/Trade section has some great store fixtures added to it including a great oak US Post Office teller window and post office boxes unit from a small town in Nebraska.The Books/Magazines section has many new offerings.Breweriana has many Jim Beam bottles added to it and many new items in the Cast Iron category.The Character section was updated as was the Childrens section with a wide variety of kids books.We added many items to the Clocks/Watches section so make sure you take a moment to look around at the over 100 additions to our website since our last posting here!

March 13,2003-We have fresh merchandise added to our Advertising section including a clock,thermometers and two porcelain signs.Also some Cupid prints were listed in Art/Prints and nine items including a decent quantity of $5 comic books from the 60s/70s were added to the Baby Boomer/Generation X section.

March 2,2003-In our Automobilia section we have added a great piece of Packard memorabilia which is a fully color illustrated catalog of their car line including prices along with a Ford Model T parts price list manual and some advertising thermometers and calendars.

March 1,2003-The Jewelry,Paper,Tools and Toys/Games section have been updated with a large amount of new inventory especially toys.

February 4,2003-The following sections of our website have been updated with both new inventory and reflecting the new site design:
Sports,Sportscards,Textiles and Tins.

December 26,2002-The Railroad and Soda Pop sections have been updated with many new inventory items.

October 24,2002-We have completely updated the following sections with a large amount of new inventory:

October 23,2002-We have added 3 prints to Art/Prints;a wide assortment of razors to Barbershop;several pieces to Graniteware and more shotgun shells and a couple blue rock throwers to Hunting.

October 2,2002-The following sections have been completely updated:
Lighting,Mens,Militaria and Movie/TV.

September 14,2002-The Ladies category has been revised and we have added a couple prints of Lone Wolf and End Of The Trail to our Art/Prints sections along with a few items to Kitchenware..Also we did a major update to both the Tobacciana and Doctor/Dental sections.

August 03,2002-Right now we are running a special in our Black Americana section by offering everything for 20% off the listed price so for those of you that might be interested i suggest you check it out before that special item you want is gone.
The Holiday,Hunting and Kitchenware sections have been completely updated and we have also added new inventory to the Automobilia,Advertising and Clocks/Watches.

June 02.2002-Ok we are way overdue on posting news about site updates but we have been busy adding plenty of new inventory.We have once again updated the Advertising section with a few items and also added several new straight razors; a couple of strops and some oak Koken cabinets to the Barbershop category.
Now for the most recent sections to be updated with merchandise go to: Coins,Cowboy/Indian,Crockery,Dolls,Fishing,Furniture,Glassware and Graniteware.

March 27,2002-We have added new inventory and the new layout to the following sections:Breweriana,Cast Iron,Character,Children and Clocks/Watches.We have a tremendous amount of merchandise we are going to be adding to our website over the next few weeks so be sure to stay tuned.

February 10,2002-Its been awhile since we posted anything here but we have been busy working on our website..All 24 of the new categories are up and we have begun to update the following original categories with both the new look and additional inventory:Advertising,Art Deco,Art/Prints,Automobilia and Books/Magazines.

January 6,2002-Our new main page has been uploaded and we have also finished up the last of our new categories so all of them are available for viewing at the follwing url's:

December 12,2001-Our newest categories of Disney,Knives and Office are loaded with fresh inventory and can be seen at:

December 5,2001-Medals/Pinbacks is now available for viewing at the link below:

December 4,2001-Visit our newest categories of Figurines and Fraternal via the following links:

November 23,2001-Our latest category addition Doctor/Dental is now posted and can be viewed at

October 28,2001-We have added a new Fire/Police memorabilia section that can be viewed at

September 23,2001-The new category Lunchboxes is now up featuring several boxes and thermos including Roy Rogers,Hogans Heroes dometop and many others at

August 26,2001-We have 3 of our newly added categories up now on the site and as you can see from now on all updated pages will be using the new page layout we have used to redesign our site.We hope it will make navigating our site not only easier but that the pages will load faster.Follow the links below to visit our latest additional categories:
Black Americana-

June 19,2001-The new coin operated section of our site is now up.It features a newly acquired Jennings nickel slot in working order.Stop by and take a look at:

May 7,2001-The newly added collecting fields of Architectural & Barbershop are now available.To access them go to either of the following links below:

April 24,2001-We have updated the tobacciana and 50s,60s,70s pages.The tobacciana page has many new inventory items so stop by and take a look.

March 20,2001-We're long overdue for a new posting here so here goes.First of all for those visitors who have their own website we will be installing a full fledged search engine/link directory.It will resemble what you see on Yahoo with a special emphasis on antiques and collectibles but will cover a wide array of searchers interests as well.We hope you will help us to make this entirely searchable database a huge success so submit your site and be sure to tell your friends to take advantage of this free advertising.Click here to access it now!
We are adding 24 new categories to our site some of which are architectural,bottles,
disney,figurines and many others.We apologize for the slow pace of adding new inventory to our present categories and we promise to keep working hard to get it done.By the time were done we should be over a 1000 items pictured for sale on our site so please bare with us and thanks for your continued patronage.

February 18,2001-The Clocks/Watches section has been updated with a few new pieces including an oak Gilbert 31 day wall clock.More updates coming soon and be sure to visit our high quality message boards which are about as nice as they come for layout and ease of use.

February 10,2001-Our Radio page has been updated with some new radios and a nice Operadio speaker.

January 28,2001-Our new page format is finally finished for now and has been set up on the main page along with some of the other sections.We will be setting up the various gallery pages with the new structure as well updating our inventory over the next few weeks.Make sure you come back from time to time to see the new merchandise we will be adding.

January 25,2001-The new message board system is now up and we hope you will take the time to visit it as well as contribute some of your opinions.One exciting feature is the ability to have individual moderators allowed to control their own forum.If you're interested in becoming a moderator be sure to get in touch with us


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