Amazing Large Antique Bay Window Decorative Pine Plant Garden Cabinet

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This amazing antique decorative pine flower plant garden cabinet was made to fit into a large bay window in an old house. The interior top is lined with zinc for holding plants or even soil where you could have flowers or other foliage. It has three plant stands built into it on the front two ends and middle. It has underneath storage with two center doors that open and the entire front of the cabinet is decorated with beading inside each panel. The back is wainscoating with all of the original wood and hardware still intact from when it was built long ago. This is truly a one of a kind piece that would set off any home and especially if you had the matching pine woodwork. It measures 107" long across the front and 32" in height to the top of the plant stand posts. The center section ac ross the back is  65" long while each angled side measures 35" to the back edge and 38" total to the front edge of each corner post.

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50.00 LBS
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