We offer an electronic appraisal service through our website for those wishing to assess a fair market value for their antiques and collectibles.
We have dealt in american antiques and collectibles mostly from the victorian era well on into the 20th century for close to 30 years now so in that time we have been afforded the opportunity to acquire an enormous amount of knowledge through retail sales,auctions and our reference library which we can put to work for you in making what we feel is a fair market value appraisal of your item.

  There are several variables that can affect the potential value of your antiques and collectibles thus you should take the following factors into consideration when reviewing your appraisal.
• Condition - No matter how rare or common the item may be one of the most important aspects of determining its potential value is condition.It can drastically affect the potential value of most antiques and collectibles so its of the utmost importance that you note any and all flaws,chips, cracks,breaks,etc. in as detailed of a description as possible.
• Rarity - How rare and/or desirable the item is can and usually will have an affect on its price.Its rarity is typically determined by how many of a particular item were produced and/or how readily available one can be found in todays marketplace.Therefore even an item at one time easy to locate may now be in high demand thus increasing its value based solely on the supply and demand factor.
• Regional Differences - It basically comes down to what items may show strong interest or a plentiful supply in one area of the country may in fact be much less desirable or much more scarce in another.As a result of this the pricing from one region to another can and will vary and in some cases may be dramatic.

  Now that we have given you some insight into the structure of how we begin to go about an appraisal and the possible variables involved its time to tell you what we will need from you to proceed.
• Please provide us with a detailed explanation of the item including any markings on the piece;dimensions and of course the condition of the item as detailed above mentioning any imperfections that you can see no matter how insignificant they may appear to you.
• If at all possible please either email or postal mail us pictures of the item(s) showing different angles including the front,sides,back and bottom where applicable.This will only help to facilitate a more accurate appraisal of your item.If you can not furnish pictures of the item we will do our best to establish potential value based on your description.
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• Payment may be made through PayPal or via postal mail.
If you have any further questions before submitting your item(s) for appraisal you can either contact us via email or phone:1-308-532-3404
Below is our pricing structure for appraisals:

1-5 Items $ 39.95 Each
6 + Items Contact Us For Volume Discounts

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