In this section we hope to provide some insight into both what condition you should expect our merchandise to be in and how descriptive we will be in grading it.If you're already familiar with antiques then you will know that in most cases they were utilitarian meaning made to serve a purpose and to be used much of the time in everyday life.What this means is that with many of the items we offer for sale they can and do show signs of use.This is not to say that normal use detracts from the pieces character and appeal but with some types of collectibles such as glass and dinnerware chips,cracks and scratching ruin the value.We classify all of our inventory to be in at least average and working condition unless otherwise noted.What we call average is based on our 20 years in the business of seeing literally hundreds of thousands of antiques and collectibles and using that experience to judge what typlifies average condition.Much of our inventory is in above average condition or better but when we feel it falls short of our expectations to meet the criteria of average we tell you as such.Make sure that you take advantage of our full size pictures to view our inventory more up close by clicking on the thumbnails on each of our menu pages.In closing we ask you to remember that much of what we offer is from 50 to 100 years old so for those of you unfamiliar with antiques look at them for what they are.They are a piece of our american history and the evolution of modernizing the way we live our daily lives.Learn to appreciate them in the same ways our ancestors did and let your imaginations wander for a moment back to a time when life was much simpler but full of hardship for most.You can also sit back and laugh and wonder how in the world were they able to even use many of these things when compared to how we perform similiar tasks today.Thanks for taking the time to read this and i hope it will help you with your journey back into time while you explore and enjoy Antique Mystique.Always feel free to contact us with any questions,concerns or comments you may have in regard to our site.

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