Old French Artist R. Lingeron Colored Etching Artist Proof 64/250 Nuit De Fete

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This original piece of artwork is a colored etching by listed French artist R. Lingeron who was born in 1880 and died in 1946. It is titled Nuit De Fete and is an artists proof # 64 of 250. The title Nuit De Fete translates as a night of celebration and has a label on the back showing it was originally sold by Milton Darling who was an art dealer in Omaha, Nebraska. There is also a piece of masking tape on the back that mentions Marie Antoinette who may of been the subject of this etching as well as the date of October 5th, 1789 which is when the Women's March on Versailles occurred during the early part of the French Revolution.  It comes in a nice period frame which measures 33" x 19 3/4" in size.

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