Rare Antique 1813 Cary's Reduced Map England Wales & Land Deeds Essex Cty New Jersey

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This rare antique map is a Cary's Reduced map of England and Wales with Part of Scotland. It says along the bottom it was originally published in 1796 and corrected in 1813. It is a paper map mounted on canvas which measures about  30" x 26" in size. It is signed Master Bartlett and dated 1833 so we assume this to be the original owner whose given first name is William according to some of the other items such as deeds that came along with the map. Below his signature is the signature of a relative who later owned the map named  Claris Barnett Goble then dated 1943 during World War Two. It seems Master William Barnett immigrated to the United States from England around or before 1846 which is the date on the deed. There are other documents that came with it including an 1814 surveyor map of a property sold in 1865 during the Civil War.
This map of course has been folded over the years with it showing creasing and edge wear as well as a couple small holes towards the center but for a two hundred year old map i think it displays well.

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