Rare Antique Fancy House Door With USS Iowa Steam Ship Etched Glass

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 This amazing fancy antique house door has an etched glass depiction of the famed USS Iowa steam ship which was assigned to blockade off Santiago de Cuba in May of 1898 early on during The Spanish American War. It was the first US ship to sight Admiral Cervera's Spanish ships coming out of the channel on July 3 and fired the first shot in the Battle of Santiago de Cuba. In a 20-minute battle with the Spanish cruisers Maria Teresa and Oquendo the USS IOWA set both ships aflame and drove them upon the beach.
 The glass remains in excellent condition over a hundred years later with the door measuring 78 3/4" tall by 32" wide and 1 3/8" thick. The glass itself is 22 1/2" square and the hinges are 3 1/2" long. You will look long and hard to find this door for sale again with this ship etched glass scene and it would be an amazing addition to any waterfront home or maritime/military enthusiast. 

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