Rare Vintage 1958 Gene Autry Prototype Glass Electric Clock With Alarm

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This rare vintage 1958 Gene Autry Prototype heavy glass electric clock with alarm features his name across the top and a western scene with cowboys. This clock was apparently designed but never produced for sale so it has to be exceedingly rare as i have not been able to find another one mentioned anywhere online. The clock is in excellent condition an d still running when plugged in. The alarm setting knob in the back is bent but does pull in/out but we did not mess with it for fear of breaking something so we are unsure whether the alarm feature is working or not. The clock itself measures about 4 3/4" x 4 3/4" in size and the cord is still in good condition.
If you are a collector of western tv/music stars memorabilia this would be an amazing addition to any collection.

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