Unusual Marble Smoke Stand & 1950s Flexible Arm Chrome Light Poles Mid Century

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I have never seen a smoke stand like this with the flexible arm 1950s style lamp pole topper. The base is typical of these chrome smoking stands with marble decoration and inserts and a lighter. The light pole with flexible arms is chrome and has green plastic shades of which one has a small chip. It is going to need some work as the wiring needs replaced and it is overall a little loose up the middle where all of the various marble and chrome pieces line up with each other. The shades need tightened back up against the flexible arms. On the interior of the switch housing there is remnants of metal flakes from maybe a bushing or washer at one time. One of the marble cups has been broken and reglued by someone but all the pieces are there to it and i thought i seen a chip somewhere on the decorative marble but since haven't been able to spot it. Also since it is not wired we are not sure whether the lighter works or not. If you are looking for something different in the way of a smoking stand or 1950s style lighting then i believe this piece would definitely fit the bill.

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